Data driven
and autonomous

Who we are

Neatleaf was founded to be a driving force for the next generation of technologies in agriculture and to create a positive impact for us and our planet.

We are a diverse group of roboticists, engineers and machine learning experts coming from some of the world's leading technology companies and research institutions.

What we do

We are venture backed and uniquely poised to bring innovative and reliable solutions to some of the most challenging problems in agriculture:


The worldwide agricultural
production needs to double
by 2050
to feed 10 billion

Protected horticulture in the
world represents 600,000 ha
but optimal yields at minimal
costs are often unknown
while data driven systems
beat human decision
making with up to
70% improvement


Consumers expect the
exact same quality

product every time
they buy it.

But plants are by definition
never exactly the same.
Modern data driven systems,
together with smart control
systems, can guarantee
consistently high quality

produce and ensure
happy customers.

of Labor

Today, manual farm labor is
the primary cost driver
as farmers are experiencing
a drastic labor shortage.

Recent breakthroughs in the
field of robotics and
machine learning enable the
design of innovative
yet highly robust automation
technology that supports
human workers
in their
daily operations.

But how?

We are working on patented and novel solutions to improve the existing state of the art in protected horticulture, and we’re therefore operating in stealth mode.

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